Ubisoft Snags Rights to Tintin Game


Publisher Ubisoft has acquired the rights to craft a tie-in game for the upcoming film Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn.

The film is based on the long-running Tintin series of Belgian comic books. Americans may not be as familiar with the series as our brethren across The Pond, but essentially it’s Scooby Doo crossed with The Hardy Boys with fewer stoner undertones.

The Hollywood adaptation of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn is scheduled for release in 2011, is being directed by Steven Spielberg and stars the voices of Simon Pegg, Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis and Jamie Bell.

There’s no word on what Ubisoft plans to bring to the game adaptation, but if past history is any indication, we’ll be lucky if the project qualifies as a forgettable, paint-by-numbers interactive recreation of what is bound to be a popular kids film.

Really, the only question we should be asking at this point is how many of the film’s stars (or, that is, their voices) will be featured in the game.

Expect the game to launch simultaneously with the film, barring any major delays.

(Image courtesy Le Petit Vingtième)

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