You’ll be spoiled for choice for Ubisoft games when the 3DS launches, but the publisher says that 3D gaming has a long way to go before it’s the norm.

Ubisoft hopes to have a significant presence on Nintendo’s hotly anticipated 3D capable handheld when it launches, and expects that its games will make up large portion of 3DS software sales. It warns not to expect a similar wealth of 3D console titles however, at least, not just yet.

Speaking at Ubisoft’s Summer Fair event, UK sales director Darren Bowen said that Ubisoft would have six to eight of the key launch titles for the 3DS, and anticipated a market share of between 25% and 30% when the handheld was released. Some of Ubisoft’s biggest brands will be coming to the platform; including games from the Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell series.

When it comes to 3D on consoles, however, Ubisoft believes that it will take time for the technology to really catch on. Marketing director Murray Pannell said that Ubisoft would fully support 3D gaming, but that the expense of 3D equipment was a stumbling block, and that it wasn’t clear how 3D might translate to multiplayer or party games. Pannell said that for now, Ubisoft would focus on motion controls, as the technology was proven and it felt it would have the most impact in the short term.

Source: MCV

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