Ugly Logos Ruin Classy and Artistic Resistance 3 Box Art

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The Resistance 3 box art is everything that normal videogame art isn’t – it’s minimalist, classy and even artistic – but those damned logos ruin it.

It’s no secret that when it comes to box art for videogames, America tends to get the shaft. Other regions might have art that’s subtle and understated, but we here in the States get generic cast action/ensemble shots. Compare the haunting and beautiful Japanese/European box art for Ico with its North American counterpart, and you’ll see what I mean.

Not so with Resistance 3. Insomniac community manager James Stevenson unveiled the art that would be used on the box for the upcoming PS3 shooter over at the PS Blog, and frankly it looks superb. Artist Olly Moss – the very same one who did a bunch of “classy” videogame art back in 2009 – created a minimalist and striking piece of art that communicates much without being overwrought and tacky.

The skull is obviously inhuman, suggesting to a viewer that Here There Be Aliens, or monsters, or whatever. The teeth on said skull form the New York City skyline, which tells us where the game is set and also implies that the aliens are destroying it (and by consequence, destroying us). And finally, in an alternate version of the box art, protagonist Joesph Capelli walks wearily towards the image of NYC, showing us his destination and that the act of resisting the Chimera has taken its toll.

Everything about this box art is fantastic … except for all the logos. “Only on PlayStation.” “PlayStation Move Compatible.” “3D Compatible.” Sony’s logo, Insomniac’s logo, PSN’s logo, and the ESRB rating – they all mar this lovely, subtle piece of artwork. It’s frustrating, really.

I get that Sony wants to be communicating as much about the technical capabilities of the game as it can – and the publisher and developer both want credit at a glance. So I can’t really blame Sony or Insomniac for all the logos; that’s just how things are done.

But man, what a shame.

(PS Blog)

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