Ultron Meets Johnny 5 in Genius Avengers Mashup


Mashup-trailer hilariously crosses blockbuster sequel with 80s cult-classic

Avengers: Age of Ultron is about a weaponized robot that attains sentience and rebels against it’s creators. That’s also the plot (sans Marvel superheroes, of course) of the 1980s cult-classic sci-fi comedy Short Circuit. One enterprising YouTuber noticed this, and has now gifted the web with it’s latest Marvel “mashup” sensation – posted just before Halloween and making the rounds now.

The parody (which uses clips from both the original Short Circuit and its New York-set sequel) finds amusing parallels between the action in the two films; particularly given the heavy presence of explosions, guns and even a tank or two in what was otherwise a fairly whimsical pair of films. Of note: The original film co-starred Steve Guttenberg, who appeared with Robert Downey Jr. in Home For The Holidays in 1995.

Released in 1986 by TriStar, Short Circuit followed the exploits of “Number Five,” a high-tech military robot who gains humanlike intelligence when a lightning-strike scrambles its programming. Renaming himself Johnny 5, the robot escapes his creators and seeks shelter with an animal doctor (Ally Sheedy) to avoid being disassembled – which he believes will “kill” him. A 1988 sequel found Johnny in New York, where he foiled bank-robbers an eventually rebuilt himself with punk-inspired weapons and armor after being nearly destroyed by thugs.

A proposed remake of the original was announced in 2008, but has thus far failed to materialize. Age of Ultron will debut May 1, 2015.

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