Uncharted Fan Recreates Nathan Drake’s Journal


From tickets to visas, the real life version of Drake’s journal is identical to it’s digital counterpart in every way – except for a flower or two.

A poster on Replica Prop Forum called Darth Saber has put together a stunning recreation of Nathan Drake’s journal from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, complete in almost every detail.

The finished product is more than fifty pages long and Saber spent weeks assembling or creating the myriad components. He painstakingly recreated the pencil sketches inside the journal, and got help from the other members of the forum for the parts he couldn’t do himself. He gave special credit to a poster called Kredeprops, who had already recreated the final twelve pages of the journal, and allowed Saber to use his files to print out his own versions.

The only thing missing from the journal is the dried flowers, because Saber said he’d spent a month searching in vain for the right ones, and had finally just decided to show it without them. This joins the likes of Harrison Knox’s Portal Gun and Bradley W. Lewis’ Lightsaber. It’s a different kind of craftsmanship, but it’s no less impressive.

Source: Kyozo Kicks

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