Seth Gordon’s in final negotiations to helm Sony’s Nathan Drake project.

Sony’s Uncharted movie has a new director. Seth Gordon – The King of Kong – a Fistful of Quarters, Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief – is in final negotiations to helm the Drake’s Fortune project.

If you were hoping for a Nathan Drake announcement, forget it; the powers that be still haven’t decided who will play him. So feel free to indulge your inner fan, but try not to give Gordon any grief. He’s probably got enough on his mind as it is.

The most recent version of the script is by Safe House writer David Guggenheim, and Sony thought it was so good it gave Guggenheim Bad Boys 3. Sony must be hoping this will do well; the misfortunes of its Pictures Unit is one of the reasons why Sony’s financials are in such dire shape its debt rating was downgraded to junk.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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