Students at the University of Baltimore can learn all about our rotting, slow-moving brothers in a new English course.

Universities force students to take all sorts of useless classes. When will you ever have to recall the date of Napoleon’s surrender? If you aren’t an engineer, when will you ever take another integral? While some of these required classes are questionable, the University of Baltimore will be offering one course that will teach an absolutely indispensable skill – how to survive a zombie outbreak. The school will be adding a class to its English catalog focusing on the popular monsters and their place in American pop culture.

The upcoming course is being taught by Arnold Blumberg, co-author of Zombiemania: 80 Movies to Die For and curator of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, a pop culture museum located in downtown Baltimore.

Students taking this class will be required to watch sixteen classic zombie films and read a copious amount of The Walking Dead. While this sounds like my average weekend, the students will have to actually do a bit of work, including research papers, writing scripts, and drawing storyboards for hypothetical zombie flicks.

Baltimore University isn’t the only option for students that want to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Chicago’s Columbia College has offered a zombie course for some time, and students at Iowa’s Simpson College spent a semester writing a book on “The Great Zombie War.”

Interested students at the University of Baltimore can sign up for English 333 now. Just remember – when the zombies rise, it’ll be up to you to educate the unlucky masses.

Source: Yahoo News

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