University of Wales to Train Major Players


Seeing a huge opportunity in the estimated £2.2 billion turnover in the U.K. game industry, University of Wales, Newport is working to produce the next generation of movers and shakers.

By hosting events such as the Microsoft Inspire Tour, the school hopes to provide more than just the technical skills needed to land a job. Dr. Mike Reddy, senior lecturer in Computer Games Development, said, “Events like this are essential in showing our students exactly what it’s like to work in the industry from the perspective of software development. They also learn about the unique challenges, rewards and the level of technical expertise required.”

They are also drawing upon alumni and industry resources such as Nick Rodgers, animator for Blitz Games to provide their students with the perspective necessary to truly succeed in the industry. “It’s been great returning to Newport and giving something back, by talking to students and telling them about what happens in the real world when they leave university,” Rogers said. “It’s important for universities to give students the right expectations about working in the computer games industry where it’s essential that graduates are creative, committed, and have strong teamwork and communication skills.”

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