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Dreamwave Launches Latest TRANSFORMERS Title…BEAST WARS!


It’s finally here! Dreamwave is proud to announce a six-part series based on the popular toy line by Hasbro and successful television series by Mainframe Entertainment. After the success of several TRANSFORMERS titles like GENERATION ONE, MICROMASTERS, ENERGON and War Within, BEAST WARS aims to take Dreamwave’s well-established fan base one-step further!

BEAST WARS was chosen by the fans, for the fans. After the sellout of Dreamwave’s incredible TRANSFORMERS Summer Special, fans were asked which title they’d prefer to see in an upcoming mini-series: BEAST WARS or TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE-and BEAST WARS won, taking 80% of the vote!

The series, which takes place years after the original GENERATION ONE series, follows the adventures of OPTIMUS PRIMAL and his MAXIMALS (descendants of the AUTOBOTS) versus MEGATRON and his PREDACONS (descendants of the DECEPTICONS). For such an exciting and pivotal series in the TRANSFORMERS comic continuity, Dreamwave turned to a star-studded cast of creators.

Leading the charge is Dreamwave’s fantastic duo of writers, none other than the TRANSFORMERS experts themselves, James McDonough and Adam Patyk. McDonough and Patyk are part of the amazing success of Dreamwave’s GENERATION ONE and MICROMASTERS series, and are without a doubt the perfect writers to fill in the gaps of the TRANSFORMERS saga. Another well-known name will tackle the pencils: Don Figueroa. Figueroa, whose art has been seen in almost all of Dreamwave’s titles, is perfect for the job; he’s quite possibly the biggest Transfan alive and it shows. When asked what it feels like to draw the characters that spearheaded the revival of TRANSFORMERS into the mainstream, Figueroa was philosophical as always.

“In the late nineties, when I first heard about this new show that was ‘claiming’ to be TRANSFORMERS, I said, ‘What is this new show?’ They change forms, the leaders had very familiar names and looked similar but I was so surprised to see animals as their alternate modes, not vehicles. But from the first episode I was hooked. This series was groundbreaking and it is amazing that we get to bring it to comic book form.”

Dreamwave’s president Pat Lee is equally as thrilled to add another TRANSFORMERS title to such an historic franchise. “For me, BEAST WARS really represents the coming-of-age for the TRANSFORMERS franchise. It is a series that acted as a go-between for TRANSFORMERS fans, both old and new, and brought in some really cool ideas for the world of TRANSFORMERS. The comic is gonna be…well, what can I say-this comic’s gonna rock!”

The latest TRANSFORMERS title will be hitting the shelves in January 2005 and will mark the beginning of a very special and exciting year for Dreamwave. From now until its New Year launch, Dreamwave will be celebrating the long awaited arrival of BEAST WARS; so keep checking www.dreamwaveprod.com for more info!


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