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Transform your Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth experience with these special Easter egg seeds. Instead of generating random dungeons, you’ll unlock cheat-like effects that alter tons of gameplay factors. Check out the complete list below.

The Binding of Isaac is all about randomness. Random items, random upgrades, random enemies, random everything; it’s a rogue-like, challenging your weak character to grow into an unstoppable powerhouse by the time they reach the last boss. But, there are ways to lock-in special effects while playing through your latest basement run.

By unlocking then activating Easter eggs, you can give Isaac a giant head, change enemy behavior, turn objects invisible, leave poo trails, or tons of other weird mutators that are a permanently embedded into your randomized dungeon layouts — until you switch the Easter eggs off, that is.

Easter Egg Seeds List

To input a SEED, press [Tab] in the Character Select menu.

Once an Easter Egg SEED is input, you’ll return to the Character Select menu where you can input a new SEED.

On the Easter Egg menu, select or deselect the effects you want activated.

1CES KATE (Effect: Ice Physics)
1MN0 B0DY (Effect: Invisible Player)
30M1 N1TS (Effect: 30 Minute Limit)
ALLE GR0 (Effect: Uptempo)
ALM1 GHTY (Effect: Dog Mode)
ANDA NTE (Effect: Downtempo)
AX1S ALGN (Effect: Axis Aligned Controls)
B00B T00B (Effect: Cathode Rays!)
BASE MENT (Effect: Infinite Basements)
BLCK CNDL (Effect: Total Curse Immunity)
BL00 00DY (Effect: Extra Gore)
BL1N D (Effect: Incurable Blindness)
BL1N DEYE (Effect: Invisible Enemies)
BRA1 LLE (Effect: Heal the Blind)
BRAV ERY (Effect: Bravery)
BRTL B0NS (Effect: Twelve Heart Damage)
BRWN SNKE (Effect: Poopy Trail)
C0CK FGHT (Effect: Charmed Enemies)
C0ME BACK (Effect: Enemies Respawn)
C0NF ETT1 (Effect: Confused Enemies)
C0WR D1CE (Effect: Cowardice)
CAM0 DR0P (Effect: Camouflage Stuff)
CAM0 F0ES (Effect: Camouflage Enemies)
CAM0 K1DD (Effect: Camouflage Player)
CHAM P10N (Effect: Champion Enemies)
CHRS TMAS (Effect: Christmas)
CLST RPH0 (Effect: Asocial Enemies)
CVRS ED (Effect: Horrible Curse)
D0NT ST0P (Effect: Don’t Stop Moving)
DARK NESS (Effect: Permanent Darkness)
DRAW KCAB (Effect: Reversed Controls)
DYSL EX1A (Effect: Dyslexia)
F0VN D (Effect: I Once Was Lost)
FACE D0WN (Effect: Mystery Cards)
FART SNDS (Effect: Farty Sounds)
FEAR M1NT (Effect: Scaredy Enemies)
FRA1 DN0T (Effect: Skittish Enemies)
FREE 2PAY (Effect: F2P Version)
G0NE S00N (Effect: Pickups Time Out)
HARD HARD (Effect: Full Heart Damage)
HART BEAT (Effect: Health Tempo)
K1DS M0DE (Effect: Kids’ Co-op Mode)
KAPP A (Effect: Grayscale)
KEEP AWAY (Effect: Tricky Pickups)
KEEP TRAK (Effect: No HUD)
L0ST (Effect: Hopelessly Lost)
LABY RNTH (Effect: Inescapable Labyrinth)
LARG HET0 (Effect: Downtempo–)
MAZE (Effect: Unending Maze)
MED1 C1NE (Effect: Mystery Pills)
N0RE TVRN (Effect: Point of No Return)
N0W1 KN0W (Effect: Know the Unknown)
N1TE L1TE (Effect: Illuminate Darkness)
PAC1 F1SM (Effect: Pacifism)
PATH F1ND (Effect: Stay Out of the Maze)
PRES T0 (Effect: Uptempo++)
PTCH BLCK (Effect: Black Body)
SL0W 4ME2 (Effect: Movement Tempo)
T0PH EAVY (Effect: Big Head Mode)
T1NY D0ME (Effect: Tiny Head Mode)
TEAR GL0W (Effect: Glowing Tears)
THEB LANK (Effect: The Blank)
THEG H0ST (Effect: Damage Timer)
THRE AD (Effect: Escape the Labyrinth)
VNKN 0WN (Effect: Forever Unknown)
WH0A WHAT (Effect: Camouflage EVERYTHING!)

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Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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