Harry Potter Online

An email sent to fans on Friday announced that developer Bio-Hazard Entertainment has put its massively multiplayer game Harry Potter Online on hold.

A tip received by Massively on Friday, March 7 revealed that developer Bio-Hazard Entertainment has put its Harry Potter MMO on hold. The website for the game no longer exists, and an interview video from the developer has been removed from YouTube. A fraction of the official statement was published by Massively:

It hurts us all:( our hearts are broken and torn. Bio-Hazard Entertainment and all its team love every single one of you loyal wizards and thank you for everything you have done. Sometimes people just like to ruin things for others. As loyal HP fans we all stand strong and united! Please remember here at BHE we love you all and you are the greatest fans we could have asked for! BHE site coming soon so you can join us in all our productions!


The team is discussing using what they have made and making their own MMO based off of what you guys have suggested, except not HP related. But lets all unite together and show WB that this is needed! WIZARDS UNITE!

The website for Harry Potter Online was up and running with a gallery and forums as of March 2. Developer Bio-Hazard Entertainment stated that the MMO was in limited production, without authorization from Warner Bros. “Seeing that it could be a really great business plan, a license was given that would allow the company to begin production on the MMO up until beta,” stated Bio Hazard Entertainment on the now-defunct website. “Once beta was hit it would then be decided [by Warner Bros.] if the production would be a good investment or not. ” The official statement gives no reason for the project’s halt, and Warner Bros. has made no comment about the game.

There’s certainly no shortage of Harry Potter-themed games out there. Electronic Arts published videogames for each of the Harry Potter films, and Traveller’s Tales developed two Lego Harry Potter games. A videogame adaptation for the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has also been announced. Fans have clamoured for years for a massively multiplayer roleplaying game set in the Harry Potter universe, and there is enough material there to build a world with factions and various classes of wizards and witches. However, Warner Bros. doesn’t seem interested in publishing an MMO based on the franchise. Personally, after IGN’s brilliant and devastating April Fool’s joke teasing a Harry Potter television show about Aurors tore up my little muggle heart, I try to keep my Harry Potter enthusiasm in check.

Source: Massively

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