Two decades after development was halted on Jaleco’s War On Wheels, the NES roller derby simulation is finally available for purchase.

According to Unseen 64, War On Wheels is a two-player skating game developed by Sculptured Software in 1991 that allowed gamers to physically assault anyone they couldn’t out-skate. Reviews of the game exist in magazines of the time, though no one seems to have any idea why a title so close to completion was canned.

Regardless, The NES Dump is now selling a limited run of the game freshly burned onto the NES-trademark grey plastic cartridges. For $50 (plus $5 shipping if you live anywhere outside the U.S.), the site will send you the game, a 10-page instruction manual, and a classic NES-style cardboard box sourced from the game’s pre-production artwork.

Originally I was going to comment on the excellent work The NES Dump has done in resurrecting a game that would otherwise be lost to the fires of development hell, but then I was distracted by the video GameSetWatch found of the game itself.

Did you notice anything odd there? Maybe something regarding the naming scheme of the teams?

War On Wheels features a team named the “Los Angeles Illegals.”

Presumably because the “Los Angeles Schwarzenegger’s Illegitimate Children” wouldn’t make any sense for another 20 years.

Source: The NES Dump, via GameSetWatch

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