A trailer showing brand new footage of StarCraft II will be airing during the NBA finals.

What do StarCraft II and basketball have in common? They’re both pretty popular, I guess? This could be the logic behind a promotion between the two that will see a new StarCraft II trailer played for the first time during tonight’s NBA finals game.

During the second quarter, a thirty-second trailer will be shown that is cut from cinematic sequences not released to the public before. If it seems odd to do this during a basketball game, just think about how StarCraft II is easily going to be a massive seller for years to come, so it’ll probably be a great advertisement.

The trailer should be interesting to all StarCraft II fans even if they’ve already had their fill of the game’s beta. It’s said to feature the voice-overs of two iconic StarCraft II characters. Could one be Jim Raynor? Kerrigan? Arcturus Mengsk?

Who they could be is anyone’s guess. We’ll find out at 9 p.m. eastern time tonight on ABC when the Celtics take on the Lakers in what is the fourth NBA final game, so set those digital video recorder devices. Go **insert preferred sports team here** !

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