Update: Deus Ex Voice Actor Warns of Deadly Illuminati Fruit Flies


Whatever’s gotten into Stephen Shellen, he probably never asked for this.

Stephen Shellen, best known as the voice actor for Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s David Sarif, has holed up in an undisclosed location to hide from Illuminati agents and their fully equipped fruit flies.

No, really. A video featuring the voice actor’s paranoid rambling has been uploaded to YouTube. Shellen warns the world that we are under attack in our own homes, from inconspicuous specks that he has identified as “fully fucking equipped Area 51 deadly dangerous fruit flies.” These tiny agents of terror are allegedly shooting vaccines into us, as well as being armed with some “alien form of laser.”

In other words, Shellen is quickly approaching Charlie Sheen levels of bonkers. Many have noted that the video is far too well-cut to be the product of true insanity. The fact that Shellen is so deeply entrenched in the conspiracy could mean that this is all part of a viral marketing campaign for another Deus Ex game, a series built from layers upon layers of conspiracy theories.

Neowin reports that “Shellen believes the Illuminati are coming for him, and his time is limited before he dies for real. He uploaded a YouTube video showing the extent of his concern. According to him, the Illuminati are spying on him at present, and he is due to die on July 30th 2012.” This information doesn’t seem to come from the video. For those of you keeping track, July 30 has already passed, so either the Illuminati have covered up their success or we’ll (presumably) be hearing more from Shellen soon. Adding to the mystery, Shellen’s Wikipedia page has undergone heavy revision over the past few days, with changes including adding his date of death as the 30 and inserting “Icarus has found you” (a reference to a warning from the original Deus Ex). At the time of this writing, the page is locked due to “persistent vandalism.”

Update: Thanks to some sleuthing by Chris Franklin, it appears that this video (and surrounding conspiracy) may be disingenuous. The video itself is a re-uploading of an older video in which Shellen plays a character called “Hobo Steve.” The original video is part of a channel of similarly outlandish conspiracy theories and “a generous dose of humor.”

This is not to say that this is conclusively staged – there isn’t enough information to tell whether the Hobo Steve character is purely fictional or a persona Shellen uses to express his actual beliefs on the channel. Either way, it’s safe to assume that this has nothing to do with the Deus Ex franchise.

Source: YouTube

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