UPDATE: New Commandos Game Will Return to Series’ Roots


UPDATE: According to Eurogamer, the story done by was based on “wishful thinking.” Pyro would like to do a new Commandos title someday, but it isn’t definitely going to be the company’s next project. The journalist may have misunderstood some comments made by Pyro at the recent GamesCom.

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A sixth entry in the Commandos series isn’t in the works, but it’s on the table.

Pyro Studios has revealed to that its next title will be a new Commandos entry. The Commandos titles are solid, real-time tactical games that emphasize stealth and strategy. Pyro is currently working on the movie tie-in for Planet 51 (from the writer of Shrek and Shrek 2!) that is due out in November, but plans to return to Commandos afterward.

Pyro admitted that the series’ fifth entry, Strike Force, often criticized for its departure from the gameplay style of earlier titles, was “a mistake.” The new Commandos game is planned to be similar to Commandos 2.

For anyone that likes strategy or tactical games, the Commandos series is a must play. Ignore the most recent Commandos: Strike Force, and instead procure a copy of one (or all) of the first four: Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty, Commandos 2: Men of Courage, and Commandos 3: Destination Berlin.

Commandos is known for its crushing difficulty, but therein lies the fun. Assaulting a Nazi stronghold shouldn’t be easy, after all. Players control a small team of various types of commandos with different abilities, including the tough Green Beret, the explosive-setting Sapper, and the agile Thief. The unique abilities of each commando (such as the Green Beret’s ability to bury himself to become invisible) allow for multitudes of different ways to complete each level. Some Commandos levels are real brain-busters, for those who like that sort of thing. Though the Commandos games may be tough to find, they’re worth the trouble.

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