Sony’s next-gen console is ready to show you its stuff. Its high-tech, rhombus-shaped stuff.

Sony earned a lot of ire when it revealed the PlayStation 4 without ever showing the physical console. Well, the time has come – the next-gen system has a finalized look, and there’s no better time to show it off than E3. If you’re busy snarking about how it’s a lot of fuss over a black box, you may want to hold your tongue. The PS4 has a radical design that’s way more interesting than just some black box.

It’s a black rhombus.

More to come as the Sony E3 press conference continues!

Update: Sony has concluded their press conference by dropping the PS4’s price point. The PlayStation 4 will sell for $399, undercutting the Xbox One by a clean hundred bucks. In other territories the price has been named as 399 Euros in Europe and 349 Pounds in the UK.

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