CD Projekt RED wants to end Geralt’s saga on a high note.

The Witcher fans recently got plenty of The Witcher 3 reveals, what with open world goodness and personal nemesis hints. However some fans wondered: is this really it for Geralt? Can this be the last in the series? Surely CD Projekt RED has something up its sleeve?

Well, yes, but whatever it may be, it’s not The Witcher 4. “We believe that we should end the series on a high note,” says studio head Adam Badowski. “Technology has progressed to where we can finally tell the story the way we want, with the visuals we want, in the world we imagined … we believe it’s time for us to look to new worlds and new horizons to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can create.”

Badowski went on to say that, for anyone who’s still on the fence about whether to get into The Witcher, this is their last chance. For that reason, it’s been designed to be accessible to all players, both the hard-core fans and those new to the story. This is one of the reasons why the game is being released on “all major high-end platforms,” according to Badowski, with “an introduction designed to smoothly introduce all those who visit the world of The Witcher for the first time.” Those wanting to know more about preorders need to speak to CD Projekt RED.

Source: The Witcher blog

UPDATE: It would seem that, although this is the last of Geralt’s saga, it may not be the last time CD Projekt RED visits the franchise.

“This is the last part of the trilogy, in which there will be a great finale of the story,” says CD Projekt RED CEO Adam Kicinski, clarifying Badowski’s original statement. “However, this doesn’t mean the end of franchise. The franchise will continue.”

Source: PC Gamer

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