Ghosts has its own Facebook page and everything.

The latest Call of Duty title, Ghosts, got an unexpected reveal last month when UK retail giant Tesco managed to spill its beans all over aisle 4, and now Twitter confirms it. There’s a new Call of Duty in town, and it has a Facebook page and everything.

Not that there’s really all that much to see on the aforementioned Facebook page, at least not at the moment. The Ghosts Are Real, apparently, but as to what they Really Are, you’ll just have to be patient. If previous leaks are to be believed, this has a November 5th 2013 release date, so there’s a while yet to go.

Let the speculation commence! Will this feature: space monkeys, Nazis, a doomed love triangle, terrorists, Russians, an exceptionally annoying muskrat? Anything is possible; but at least now you know it’s on the way.

Update: Now there’s a trailer, and confirmation that this title will be for next generation as well as current consoles. Enjoy!

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