Updated: Capcom Gearing Up For Onimusha Announcement?


Another day, another teaser site. This time it’s Capcom’s turn, and all signs are pointing to a new entry in its Onimusha franchise.

Freaking Hideo Kojima. After he set the bar higher for teaser sites with his Metal Gear Solid Rising/Peace Walker page, it seems that every company nowadays is making their teaser sites twice as hard to crack and twice as likely to be full of countdowns to more countdowns. Capcom is the latest company to get in on the teaser site action, except it seems that fans have already solved this puzzle.

Wander over to this mysterious Capcom hosted site. A brief animation plays, with the numbers 1560, 1573, 1582 appearing and being crossed out in succession before the number 1600 shows up in a bold and gold typeface. What ever could these numbers mean?

Don’t bother doing any Da Vinci Code stuff here, because common sense folks have already figured that these numbers are probably years, and not only that, they’re years that roughly correspond to the years when the various Onimusha games take place. Only 1573 is off, as Onimusha 2 takes place in 1571. Everything else lines up with the three main Onimusha games, with 1600 presumably being for the newest one (Dawn of Dreams doesn’t count because it was bad). Even the fonts seem Onimusha-ish.

I was half-expecting Capcom to announce Onimusha as one of its “surprise” games of E3, but they revealed Resident Evil on PSP instead. Well, this could be what I was looking for. Onimusha 4? It could very well be in the works and planned to coincide with the upcoming Onimusha movie. Please keep series star Takeshi Kaneshiro is all I’m asking. And, why not, bring back Jean Reno, too.

UPDATE: So apparently this isn’t for a new Onimusha but for a new Sengoku Basara, a third-person action franchise popular in Japan but not so popular in the West (where we got the first game as Devil Kings). The 1600 image appears on that Basara page, which would seem like confirmation enough, but I’m not sure. Anyone who can read Japanese, feel free to figure this out for me.

If it’s a new Basara game, will Capcom bring this game to the West? It sounds like they’re considering it – a Twitter update not so long ago from the company asked fans “if we were going to bring out a Sengoku Basara game in the US, what name should we use?”

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