Sony’s answer to set-top box devices will be available for $99 or in a $139 bundle, and allow owners to stream PS3 games and other services.

PlayStation TV, released as PlayStation Vita TV in Japan, will launch in the U.S. for $99 this fall, or in a bundle package for $139.

The bundle will include a DualShock 3 controller, an HDMI cable, an 8 gigabyte memory card and a copy of the Lego Movie video game.

The PlayStation TV, which operates similarly to a set-top box, will allow owners to stream PS4 titles to a second TV in their house, separate from the one their PS4 is hooked up to, using the system’s Remote Play feature. It will also allow them to play “hundreds” of PS3 titles through the PlayStation Now service, which will go into beta on July 31.

Owners will also have access to “most” PS Vita titles as well as PS1 and PSP games, in addition to music and video streaming services.


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