URL Hunter Brings Browser Gaming to the Address Bar


You’ve played plenty of videogames in your web browser, but what about in your browser’s address bar?

In the current age, gaming in a web browser is kind of a big thing. Millions upon millions of people play browser-based games on websites like Facebook and Kongregate on a daily basis. A new browser game made by Corey from Probably Interactive throws a wrench into the works by taking gameplay out of the main window, and into the address bar.

Corey’s URL Hunter is played up at the top of the browser where users typically type in their web destinations. You play as an “O” that must consume as many “a” letters as possible in 30 seconds.

Players move the “O” back and forth and press the spacebar when above an “a” to capture it. Meanwhile, the “a” letters move back and forth on their own as time ticks down.

The game works through the use of HTML5’s History features. If you hit “back” after the game is over, you’ll notice that the text in the address bar will replay your previous moves. URL Hunter probably isn’t going to keep you entertained for much more than a minute, but it’s a good example what can be done with some creative programming.

Source: URL Hunter, via Geek

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