uWink has partnered with Volante Systems to provide self-service technology for its restaurants.

Interactive restaurant chain uWink is partnering with Volante Systems, a point-of-sale software developer, to market self-serve technology already being tested at the Woodland Hills uWink restaurant to other hospitality businesses. This “uV Hospitality Solution” integrates uWink’s touch screen interface and micro-transaction tools with Volante’s point-of-sale systems. The software allows for a range of processes, including credit card transactions, advertising, and gaming credits.

“We are proud to work with an innovative company like Volanté with such deep experience in hospitality technology and such a broad range of hospitality clients. The licensing of our technology into other hospitality markets is a logical expansion. We see a huge opportunity to leverage our software solution and offer it to other hospitality and public-space markets as an integral component of our growth strategy,” said uWink Chief Executive Officer Nolan Bushnell.

A. Ennamorato, Vice President of Operations at Volante Systems, added, “The uWink restaurant has proven that the ‘uV Hospitality Solution’ is a smashing success, showing that the public, across all demographics, is ready to embrace self-serve technology, and that the technology can in fact deliver major benefits to the industry, including higher average checks, labor savings, increased customer loyalty, increased transaction speed and accuracy, and reduced lines. Many of our hospitality clients, including hotels, universities, stadiums, theme parks, casinos, casual/fast food chains, and golf and ski resorts, are keenly interested in self-service technology solutions. The combination of uWink’s proven customer-facing self-order, self-pay and digital entertainment delivery and monetization capabilities seamlessly combined with Volanté’s innovative java-based, peer-to-peer point-of-sale enterprise software, represents the end-to-end solution the hospitality industry has been waiting for.”

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