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Escapist Magazine is the authoritative journalistic source for the mature enthusiast of escapist entertainment. Our readers have grown up with geek and genre entertainment, and have evolved with the tastes of our time. Escapist Magazine is a new evolution in online media and community, where geeks of all kinds can watch, read, share, and contribute to everything fun. Escapist Magazine editors are experienced professionals, with over 50 years combined working in video games, technology, and entertainment media. And our contributors are industry leaders, veteran video game developers, moviemakers, and blockbusting personalities, like Yahtzee Croshaw, star of our original video series, Zero Punctuation. Follow Escapist magazine on Twitter: @EscapistMag



Escapist Magazine editors are experienced professionals, with over 50 years combined working in video games, technology, and entertainment media.


Russ Pitts, editor-in-chief

Co-founder of Polygon.com; TakeThis.org; Flying Saucer Media & Crop Circle Media; author of How Video Games are Made; Sex, Drugs & Cartoon Violence; and Eagle Semen; former producer of TechTV’s The Screen Savers; and the original acquisitions editor, then editor-in- chief of The Escapist; Pitts returns to Escapist Magazine with over 25 years experience working in film, television, theater, internet, and video game production; six Webbby Awards; and an empty bag of f*cks.


Anthony Agnello, managing editor

Anthony has worked full-time as a journalist and critic for over a decade with outlets like The A.V. Club, Edge Magazine, Joystiq, Engadget, and many, many others. Anthony first contributed to The Escapist in 2009, with In Defense of the Friend Code, an article about how we don’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we come from. How even what seems like the stupidest creation in the world comes from a human place; it’s the work of one person reaching out to another.


Samantha Nelson, senior editor

Sam has been writing about gaming and pop culture for nearly 10 years for publications including The A.V. Club, The Verge, Polygon and Waypoint. She is also a member of the Critical Hit actual play tabletop gaming podcast.

Alexis Brown, video editor



Escapist Magazine Volume Two publishes exceptional longform features, opinion pieces, columns, reviews, videos, and news articles bringing you the most important events and ideas in geek and game media. Our authors and creators are members of an exclusive club; the most elite, thoughtful, and provocative creatives, continuously curated to ensure you remain enlightened, entertained, and engaged.


Escapist Magazine features

are well-researched, well-written, and well-edited. An Escapist magazine feature will not be simply a longer article. Each feature will be an event, covering a topic or person of intense interest to the audience from a humanist direction. Escapist Magazine features will embody the best traditions of great journalism, going to the places and people inaccessible to the average reader, and bringing back the flavor of that experience. Escapist Magazine features will set a new bar for professionalism, style, and maturity in genre entertainment reporting. Escapist magazine features ask and answer the question: Why does this matter?

Escapist Magazine reviews

provide a definitive, authoritative take on the experience of the entertainment product. Escapist reviews will not seek to be all-inclusive. Each review will be special by virtue of our having undertaken it. To be reviewed by Escapist Magazine will be a mark of pride. Escapist Magazine reviews will answer the questions: Who is this for? Will they enjoy it? Does this add value to humanity?

Escapist Magazine op-eds

are written by inarguable experts in their field on the topics of the day. Escapist Magazine op-eds will not report the news, but they will provide a lens through which to understand the news. Escapist Magazine will op-eds will be opinionated, political, thought-provoking, and discussable. It will be a badge of honor to be asked to write an Escapist Magazine op-ed. Escapist Magazine op-eds will answer the questions: What do the experts think? How does this impact my life?

Escapist Magazine videos

feature larger-than-life personalities or high-quality investigative/documentary journalism. They will be a microcosm of the entertainment industry itself, embodying all of the best aspects of the individual content streams of Escapist Magazine, in easily-approachable, viewable form.