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    Final Fantasy XIV TV Show to Include Live Action Chocobos and Cid

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    1. So I guess she’s not getting those abs then… that I read/heard somewhere here one time.

      Could have found some footage of Tifa from the original title, since that’s the subject, no?

      1. There was footage from the original. It was played a few times.

        1. No there wasn’t. Besides if there were any clear shots *there wasn’t) they should have been 25% of the running length (at least) dedicated to Tifa: chibi Tifa, random-encounter Tifa, CGI Tifa, character art Tifa. Either make the video or don’t. Bob is lazy.

          1. If you think you know how to make a better video, do it.

            1. Why didn’t I think of that?!

    2. Bob I’m not surprised that you’re still talking about this, and being gross about it. Stop giving this stuff oxygen and stop making ‘jokes’ about women being marriageable based solely on their breasts. You’re part of the objectification problem. PS ‘kink-shaming’ doesn’t exist, it’s just a concept leftist men have invented to pretend that sexualising something makes it beyond critique, and men’s shitty degrading fetishes are very much critiquable.

      1. I find it quite amusing that you don’t think women kink-shame…

      2. no it exists all right moron, why else is “cuck” constantly used as an insult by alt-right dipshits?

    3. I’m going to say something fairly controversial. I never did care for the exageration of Tifa’s boobs by fans. Like, I seriously did not care and it even turned me off from the game even as a horny teenager with no social life. I kept seeing all this fan art and it only made me question what the fuck was wrong with some people and how any of them found this shit attractive.

      Now this comes up and it only confirms my suspicions. The people who like this game are a bunch of perverts who never really liked the character, they just had fuck fantasies about her and now those are ruined. Poor them, I’d rather talk about how this remake feels bloated now that it’s several parts and how that is likely going to anger fans who will have to buy two copies just to get the full game.

      Tifa was never my bag anyway, who cares about her sportsbra. I prefer Aerith anyway.

      1. I think it’s honestly more of an “anti-SJW,” thing. These nutbars freak out anytime a female character gets a redesign, these nutbars lose their minds and froth at the mouth about how progressivism is ruining gaming. I’m sure your assessment can be applied to some of these idiots but for the vast majority it’s just backlash against progressivism.

        I always preferred Tifa. Physically both girls are equally cute as cartoons go, but Tifa is tough, fiery and confident which is just more interesting than Aerith’s sweet and demure nature.

        1. More han likely yes, it is just that.

          I like plenty of bad/tough girls, Blackfire from Teen Titans being one of many, but Tifa never did it for me. I don’t know if its the hair or just her facial features, she doesn’t have what I look for. She’s pretty, but she doesn’t interest me. Aerith I liked because she seemed kind, loving, willing to put herself at risk even if she wasn’t cut out for a fight, and I guess I liked her hair better, I don’t know. I never really played the games, most of my knowledge comes from fanart and online video game reviews.

          1. Uh, Aerith is the sassy, flirty one of the group who is also tough as nails due to being raised in the slums. That’s part of what FFVII is about; making massive subversions of RPG tropes. Tifa is NOT the “bad/tuff girl”, she’s actually the maternal, girl-next-door one

      2. Heh, it’s funny you think it’ll be only two copies.

    4. i have complained about the “reduction” but i’ve done so as a joke to cap off my other complaints about the remake. such as the loss of the turn based battles, summon materias being chopped out out of the game to be sold as dlc. and what was once a 50+ hour game that was sold for 40 bucks back in 1997, now being carved up into 5 hour long episodes to be sold for 60 each.

      1. Ugh, that’s sounds terrible. I don’t know why anyone would be excited about that. Square used be such a good company, they really lost their way.

      2. Wait, has it been said each parts/episode is only gonna be 5 hours long? I hadn’t seen anything like that. I kept hearing each episode was gonna be a full sized game, which brings it’s own issues such as how to expand out the base game without turning it into a giant filler cluttered bloat and how long the full dev cycle is gonna be, plus time between episodes.

      3. turn-based battles aren’t really that interesting to a lot of people anymore, and Squeenix probably saw no point in keeping them in FF7 remake when they’ve already got the Bravely Default series for turn-based stuff.

      4. First, FFVII was 20-30 hours long (Note the video lengths. Nothing was cut and the game speed was never adjusted: ); 40-ish if you prioritized gold saucering – It was not a long game or impressive in terms of scale even for its time (contrast: Xenosaga).

        Second, we don’t know how long each episode is going to be, so it’s too soon to be doomsaying. However, I agree with you that carving the game up in the first place is a terrible idea, and completely disagree with Bob that rectifying the diverse artsyles of the game is an issue in any way given that the FFXIII trilogy and more recently FFXV both handled this just fine.

    5. This video should have been called, “Tifa’s Tatas.”

      1. “Gamers are ticked when Squeenix says, ‘Tootaloo to Tifa’s Titanic Tatas'”.

      2. Or maybe “Attack on Tifa’s Titans.”

    6. Please actually to an antifa episode, that was actually quite informative.

      1. He was kind of just reading the Wikipedia page at that point. If he wanted to talk about the way video games have borrowed the aesthetics while coming back around to the fact that AAA gaming is scared shitless of actually making any coherent political statement (or admitting that they’re making one), that could make for a good episode, especially if he points out how most of the people who whine about “civility” in politics are also the ones cheering on and playing as the antifa-lite in their bidio gaems.

        1. They aren’t scared of making political statements, executives only say their games are “not political” because they feel like they HAVE to say that because morons will throw a hissy-fit at the faintest whiff of politics and take it out on the developers by sending them death threats.

    7. Here is the thing; Tifa’s breasts were never as big as people remember them. They are recalling twenty years of fan art and….wrist exercises. Her breasts were large, yes, but not absurdly so when rendered during the actual in-game battle sequences that were our primary look at what these characters ACTUALLY looked like.

      Outside of combat the game used a “chibi” style art design that have every character walking around with heads the size of their entire torso, fists the size of watermelons, and limbs exactly as muscled as twigs. And in that style Tifa did in fact have enormous breasts, but that entire style has proportionally irreverent. Even the cut scenes were distinctly “anime” in design. And this means that every render of Tifa we’ve ever seen was an abstraction; a suggestion of what she looks like, not the actual “real life” version of her. We knew she had large breasts, above average, but exactly how large was always up to each viewer’s subjective interpretation of the MULTIPLE art styles used throughout the game.

      Personally, I think this new render is spot on; she’s still very much above average in every dimension, she’s just slightly more realistic looking. You don’t even need to consider things like a real world sports bra, because in reality her “combat” model in both the original game and the new one have roughly the same cup size. You could argue that the old one is larger, but the old one was also had eyes the size of softballs.

      LOOK at her. Look at them. The difference is not nearly as vast as these people are making it out to be.

      1. What baffles me about this whole discussion is that Tifa already had this “reduction” already.

        In 2005.

        Yes, I’m talking about “Advent Children”. And NOBODY batted an eye back then. On the contrary, Tifa’s design in that movie became just as iconic as the original, and became an instant hit among both genders, whether you are sexually attracted to women or not. Heck, it’s one of the most popular cosplays of all time, and I’d say it’s Nomura’s master piece as a character designer, genuinely, unironically and without any caveats (Nomura can make some really good designs, it’s just that he needs to be on a VERY short leash).

        Pretty impressive considering that “Advent Children” was an unadulterated piece of [CENSORED] of a movie.

        And ALL depictions of Tifa ever since have had roughly the same body proportions, INCLUDING THIS REMAKE, and up to “Dissidia NT”!

        Some people say the difference this time is that the sports bra came as a note from Square Enix’s “ethics department”, which I guess would warrant a more meaningful discussion… except the whining started before Nomura and Kitase made that statement, so… yeah…

        1. The whining started before Tifa was even revealed. I saw tons of click-bait on the subject of Tifa’s reveal being held back because of “censorship” or whatever. So the community had already primed itself for this before it happened. Then when her updated model was revealed, and it’s fine, they still had all this pre-rage stored up they needed to get out. So this was going to happen no matter what the design actually looked like because, ultimately, people on the internet just enjoy bitching about things.

        2. The root of the issue isn’t Tifa and breast sizes.

          It’s the angry nerd, internet, Youtube outrage machine that goes into the baby rage tantrum every time they imagine the SJWs are taking away toys. Not their toys either, as they never had sole possession of the media they have an unhealthy obsession over. Ones who don’t realize the world outside of the nether regions of Youtube comment sections, the_donald sub reddit and 4chan don’t align with their sad sick little world views.

          In regards to the Square-Enix Ethics department note:

          Both Square’s Analytics and Ethic’s department most likely realized that they’d gain more ground in sales appealing to a broader, more inclusive audience, including women. Via fixing outdated details like Tifa’s chest size. These same analytics teams also most likely (and accurately) concluded the ragey internet losers will still buy FF7 regardless. Why? Because said losers always do buy this stuff in the end, as they also paid $200 for that stupid Fallout 76 deluxe butt blast shitty canvas bag that sparked another hilarious round of nerd rage.

          The hilarious irony of angry internet ragers against Leftist SJWs ruining games via these issues is the reality of “Why” this happens:

          That the good old Free “Oh Reagan hallowed be thy name” Market they worship, with its wealth of analytics on demographics and sales concluded that pandering to those losers is less profitable . . . than appealing to a wider population of mentally and socially balanced people who don’t mind, if not like, seeing better ethnic and gender diversity.

          But blaming the all mighty $dollar$ and their own antiquated views as the problem would undermine them too much.

          1. You got part of it right before you went into your temper tantrum like rant. The times are different socially and some are having a hard time reconciliating that. Others are having a hard time understanding that maybe people are being a little overzealous with their “positive” cultural changes.

            As for Today. She looks okay, but I will hold my judgement on the game for Caitsith.

    8. Ok I’m not really surprised that this is a thing, just exasperated. Like really people? You’ve been waiting years and years for a FFVII remake and now that it’s coming you’re going to throw a hissy fit because Tifa’s bust doesn’t match the wet dreams you had when you were 15? Give me a break! This game is one of the most cherished (and overrated) of the damn franchise and it’s not because of Tifa’s tits.

      1. Or throwing a hissy fit because Tifa’s boobs are apparently a cup size or so below what they wanted them to be, which apparently is the only thing that matters. She’s attractive enough as is and I have no doubt there are a million fan artists who have already accommodated the need for larger mammary spank bank material and posted them online if somehow the official gameplay art isn’t good enough.

        Whatever happened to “Respecting the Creators decisions” anyway?”

        1. I don’t think “respecting the creator’s decisions” was ever a thing.

          1. They only respect it when they like the vision.

    9. Aaaaand now I want to see fanart of Tifa wearing Antifa-gear. Deviantartists, hook me up.

    10. Wrong Bobby, most writing in games is actually pretty damn good.

    11. Well rounded, fully developed LMAO I love it

    12. I really REALLY don’t get these “lady from my fav video game/comic/whateves isn’t sexy anymore” takes.

      Like most of these peeps complaining already have internet access. Did no one just tell them pornhub is a thing?

    13. Yes

    14. Is it wrong that I would have personally been happy if you kept talking about either of the topics you led in with? I legit learned something about Antifa from this video, and since I missed FF7 generation, then I would love to hear more about the game and why some long-time fans are more than a little skeptical about modern Square Enix trying to milk the golden cow again.
      But no…bra size…I hate the internet sometimes….

    15. I see parallels in anime. When I was into it 20+ years ago I liked the fanservice. Then it started feeling awkward. I reached my 30s and realized that I was twice as old as some of those anime character’s supposed ages. Then it felt creepy. Yes, I still like some fanservice, but not as much and it takes less and less of it for me to feel that it’s more pandering than anything.

    16. Yes. Yes we are. Don’t ask me why, mortals were not meant ponder such questions.

      1. Also the people who care more about getting a re-rendering of her as a 3 dimensional character have way more to gain because the pocket-pool players out there complaining a out this seem to completely take for granted that they already got infinitely more hard and soft core extremely high res up-to-date renderings of Tifa’s traditionally proportioned, Um, assets than there will ever be of any official art of her. Just turn safe-search to moderate on Google Images and go nuts (pun maybe intended).

    17. Glad to hear Bob’s a fan of FF VII, I feared he might’ve overlooked it or disregarded as overrated because it was on the playstation or the rest of the Final Fantasy series(I don’t mean in general, but some of them aren’t shinning diamonds)

    18. (Shrug) I don’t feel like FF7 is the end all be all of JRPGS. Sure it’s a first major JRPG for alot of people and had mainstream penetration which so few rpgs had prior and since, but as a game it’s alright. As someone who’d actually played Final Fantasy prior to it coming out I found it underwhelming compared to people who never touched this sort of thing first. FF 6 is a better game in every conceivable way. Give me a fancy remake of that and may be I will care heh.

      As for Tifa, her new model looks cool and captures the look of her original. I wouldn’t care if they reduced her bust or not. She wasn’t that stacked anyways, and Advent children didn’t have that way either. Long as her model looks cool and her character is represented well, that all that matters. Her bust will not be influencing if I buy the game either way. (I won’t be buying it either way anytime soon in any case.)

      As for being surprised, not in the slightiest. I run around various forums talking about nerdy things. Bust size been a topic plenty of times for video game characters. Recently people were bringing up if Miriam was busty enough or not for BloodStained:Ritual of the night, which I responded….Yes she is. Miriam is more than well endowed enough. People hadn’t play game yet, but were concerned she’d got her body nerfed since the early demos. She wasn’t but somehow that was a concern for these gamers.

      Those “she kicks high” commericals for Dead or Alive were clearly aimmed at someone…I wasn’t that target audience. I’d assume that’s same crowd who is worried about this.

    19. Not a subject I’m all that well versed In but isn’t it fairly common for in situations were graphics are in some way lacking to exaggerate various features to better convey / differentiate characters? As such wouldn’t it be almost more in line with the intention of the original character to reduce said exaggeration now that graphics can basically convey anything fairly clearly?

    20. Let’s not forget that MK11 had to rework Sonya Blade’s present self to look younger facially.

      Cause, heaven forbid, we get to see a female video game character age and mature.

      1. They probably would’ve been better to spend the time and money to find an actual voice actor for Sonya instead of Ronda Rousey.

        1. Definitely.

    21. Eh, most of what I remember of FF7 was getting bored after escaping the city and eventually playing Breath of Fire 3 instead. Its 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds made for much more easily read character animations and much more playable environments. Plus mixing and matching genes to turn into different dragons was awesome.

      Here’s hoping Trials of Mana turns out well.

      1. I’d forgotten about Trials of Mana(or SD3, as I remember it being called when I first played it). Then I remembered I never actually finished it and need to fix that.

    22. Don’t worry Bob. It’s only a matter of time before the topic of the Honeybee Inn(which is going to be in the remake) starts trending, because that’s not going to be incredibly awkward for everyone. We’ll look back at idiot fanboys whining about Tifas boobs and sports bras with fondness. Well, maybe not fondness, but yeah.

      And of course, that fun scene when Hojo explains his plans for Red XIII.

    23. Am I the only one who actually wanted Bob to do a whole episode on the antifa aesthetic and deeper meaning of such movements as shown in games and various media? That actually sounds damn fascinating.

      1. Nope. Definitely did to!

      2. Yeah I’d watch that.

      3. And relevant to FF7, from what little I actually know about FF7

        1. Maybe? I mean, Avalanche is pretty much an eco-terrorist organization, although they don’t fight fascism as much as an all-consuming corporation, but the inspiration is definitely there.

      4. No, Antifa is about as bad as what it fights and shouldn’t be glorified.

        1. this times a thousand..not to mention the inherent hypocrisy/irony in the fact that their members seem to be mostly socialist and all about ‘punching nazis’ despite the fact that the actual nazis of old were NATIONAL SOCIALISTS.

          1. Nah, “national socialist” isn’t actually socialism, it was deliberate marketing on the part of the Nazis to trick actual socialists into voting for them. “Socialist” (more specifically, “communist”) was one of the many labels Hitler railed against in Mein Kaft, he adopted “socialist” language as a populist ploy, and once the Nazis were in power, they purged any and all members seen to be left-wing, and swiftly abandoned any and all “socialist” policies.

            It’s basically the same thing as “The People’s Republic of China” not actually being a republic, or the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (aka North Korea) not actually being democratic or a republic either.

            tl;dr: The Nazis weren’t socialists, and you fell for their bullshit long after the Third Reich fell.

        2. Riiiiight. I don’t see antfas running over crowds of people with SUVs or building child prisons and concentration camps or shooting up nightclubs and synagogues. Its not the antifas that are responsible for the vast upswing in violent hate crimes across the country. The idea that its ‘just as bad’ as actual nazis and white supremacists and hate groups comes purely from Fox News and its ilk.

    24. Honestly I’m not interested in anything about this remake, I’m just a chap who likes PS1 era RPGs, which this is as far away from as possible. SO a conversation about one of the characters bras is way more interesting.

      1. I think it looks very good.

      2. Don’t trust anyone who insist that new Tifa’s bras size is B-cup. Those bad boys are at least D’s, and only those unfamiliar with human proportions can’t tell the difference.

        1. I used to do Life Drawing, so I am very familiar with real B-cups.

    25. For me at least, someone who didn’t play Final Fantasy VII until years after the fact due to never owning a PS1, Final Fantasy VII is its complex, multi-layered characters who still merit analysis and discussion to this day. I even really like Reeve.
      So as long as the character writing is as solid as it was then, I will be satisfied with the remake.

      1. It won’t be

        1. It’s got the same writer as the original game, so at least it aught to be.

          1. It won’t. 2019 Nojima is not 1997 Nojima. The guy hasn’t written in a decent script in more than a decade. In fact, it’s pretty obvious by now that Sakaguchi was the magic ingredient to that whole game. His absence is going to be felt

            1. I don’t think the writer is to blame (if the remake goes wrong). This remake has been on the making for ages, which means there were tons of back and forth with decisions, the writers have to work with what is given to them. And the writers has to work around the gameplay given, the stretched length of the game and the constant chage of direction.

            2. You have no idea how game development works, do you?

          2. I am not saying it won’t be good. But Starcraft 2 had the same writer as 1 and it is pretty bad un the same ways this remake could be. I don’t blame the writer though, but the ones who tell them what to write.

          3. I(and I think a number of other people) are more worried about the fact the remake is expanding a 40-60 hour-ish game to mutiple(unkown at this time) games of the same length or longer. It’s possible that just means 2x-8x times more good writing, but it could also mean the same amount of writing stretched out 2-4 times as long and we’re worried it’s more likely to be the latter.

    26. At least you never got the fantastic response from one moron that I got calling Tifa’s Sports Bra ‘burka-like’. It hurts my head to imagine being that stupid. (And yes, I did check to see if this guy was being serious and he was.)

    27. Feels like 50% of Bob’s thinkpieces are “I can’t believe you’re talking about this. Let me talk about this”. The other 50% is Marvel.

    28. No joke, I saw someone on Twitter claim that this was a betrayal of Japan’s sensibilities and standards of feminine beauty, and used Hitomi Tanaka as his main example.

      (For those of you who don’t know, Hitomi Tanaka is a porn star with ridiculously oversized breasts, even for a porn star.)

      1. Funny story: the only reason I know about Hitomi Tanaka is because her boyfriend is Frankie Palmeri from Emmure and he runs in some of my social circles. And there is also a song about her called “Hitomi’s Shinobi.”

        Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

    29. There’s a lot of worse things happening right now but a vocal minority (that sadly game YouTube’s algorithm system to make it look like their opinions are heard the loudest) are more angry about Tifa’s boobs, ignoring that she’s an actual character, over more important things like Trump having kids in literal death camps, his threats of nuclear war and even hurting the game industry with that his beef with China and it’ll be the same again when it comes to Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker, WW84, Birds of Prey and whatever actor is playing the non-white and/or non-male lead in the next big Marvel movie.

    30. We are in a transition period. This is happening in us comics too. Most females superheroes used to look like spray painted porn stars like this:

      Because comics were marketed to male teens and this was a way to draw their attention without having to think of great plots or complex characters. It was just: “Look at these boobs, aren’t they great you bought this comic?”

      Now, some characters are beginning to use something more like normal fabric, like the new batgirl or spiderwoman costume.

      I really don’t think Final Fantasy 7 needs sex to sell its great and comprehensive world.
      Also, apparently FF7 is now the “main” development for the franchise in the years to come, so no FF16 in the near future.

      1. Funny enough, when a comic artist needed to make a “sexy” pose for a female character, it wasn’t uncommon for a particularly lazy artist to straight up trace their character over the photo of a porn model as reference. I don’t know how common this practice is nowadays, but it was definitely a thing.


          1. OMG yes! LAND and “Every fem has an O Face”! (poor Pixie) He didn’t just trace either. He had models pose for him! I recall he had one specific model he used a lot for both Jean and Emma during his Phoenix run.

      2. Probably has something to do with the fact that not only can male teens now find images just as or more sexy on the internet but the very same images from those comics would be on the internet within a day after it’s release anyway both for free, so there’s no point in it anymore.

        Add in the fact that there’s plenty of female comic readers these days and things appropriately have shifted.

      3. Sadly, the vocal minority are digging in the heels and trying to turn the clock back. And some publishers like Marvel are giving in for some reason. Why else would Jessica Drew Spider-Woman is going from her new/more practical outfit to her skintight original version in the new team book… *sigh*… Strikeforce.

        Apparently, some people still think 90’s Image is the new hotness we all want.

        1. Doesn’t Spiderman wear a skintight suit too?

          1. Yes, but I highly doubt Spidey hasn’t been drawn in cheesecake poses and showing off his ass as much as Jessica Drew Spider-Woman.

        2. I do quite like Image but they were far from the only company to engage in those kinds of outfits, mainstream comics publishers did the same thing.

    31. Hey, Bob, pretty sure Tifa’s boob size isn’t the big discussion. It is a discussion, sure, but it’s a very minor one where only a handful of people are actually involved with. It would seem this is one of those scenarios where people lamenting the fact that something is a discussion, is in fact the bigger discussion. Most of the really big discussions still revolve about whether or not the original FF VII has aged well, how the episodic structure is worrisome, if all the side quests will still be present and how the change in combat/presentation will effect certain story beats and the materia system. (Though I liked the point of discussion where your video eventually ended up.)

      (Also, defining Tifa as a “terrific, multi-dimensional female character”… Really? I mean, I’ve got nothing against Tifa, but from personal recollection, I’d say she’s not exactly on par with Celes from FF VI or Freya Crescent from FF IX when it comes to interesting qualities and character arcs.)

      1. I agree with both assessments. While there are definitely discussions regarding Tifa’s breasts they’re largely couched inside of the larger discussions about changes from the original, and (some well-founded) apprehensions over whether said changes are beneficial or harmful.

        Likewise, (apparently) it needs to be emphasized that what you said was not “it’s a contest(n) over who is multi-dimensional,” but that you’re contesting(v) the validity of the statement that Tifa is multi-dimensional given that she’s not on par with other indisputably multi-dimensional female characters in the series. On this I’d only clarify that I think Tifa is implied to have more layers to her (like many MANY aspects of the game), but nothing in the story or outside of it actually displays it, so the claim just stems from people filling in blanks themselves.

      2. “…defining Tifa as a “terrific, multi-dimensional female character”… Really? I mean, I’ve got nothing against Tifa, but from personal recollection, I’d say she’s not exactly on par with…”

        It is not a contest to see who is the most multi-dimensional.

        1. I agree, though I find your comment to be kind of a non sequitur, seeing how I never announced any kind of contest.

    32. Ugh, every time I see Sephiroth prematurely in Midgar I want to teleport over to Tokyo and slap Nomura and Kitase until they stop being stupid. Or at least just admit that they don’t remember that much about the game and just want to relive their glory days.

      But yeah, it’s funny how, once again, the fanboys reduce a complex character like Tifa down to just her bra size. I mean, part of her design is that it’s meant to be a subversion (she looks like a fanservicy, tuff girl biker babe, but she’s literally the girl next door to Cloud) but still reducing her to the surface level is so stupid. You’re talking about a woman who is the entire lynch pin to the game’s story, knowing about its huge twist that turns everything on its head. She’s the deuteragonist of the entire story.

      Also, it is kind of fascinating how Square has made a focus on Midgar and next to nothing about the outside world like Junon, Gold Saucer, and Nibelheim. Considering how they’ve outright admitted they got no idea how long this is going to be (seriously Square, enough with the sloppy dev cycles) it is entirely possible even they haven’t figured out how to deal with the juxtaposition of a bunch of subversions of FF character archetypes going out into the more traditional fantasy stuff. It’ll definitely be an interesting dev cycle even if my hopes for the game are pretty much nonexistent

    33. Totally an anti-sexy character thing, Bob.

    34. Who’s we in this disclaimer? Did I miss a consulting credit?

      1. Kinda, yeah. You weren’t there, but we decided to include you all the same. You’re welcome :).

        PS: Cynical griping aside that momentarily placed Bob on par with most other working stiffs, who also don’t get to choose their work’s subject matter on a day-to-day basis while still needing to put food on the table at the end of the month, the answer to the question this video/column poses is kinda obvious: The longer you talk about something you don’t want to talk about… the longer you talk about something you don’t want to talk about. IOW, if it’s not worth talking about, why are you?

        1. Sorry 🙂 I think I’ve been misread: I think probably “we” is Bob and Bob’s fairy friend in Game Over-Thinker universe. But I don’t know. It just reads weird. Maybe he has a partner or editorial staff to answer too, but I feel “I” would be a more natural phrasing than “we” “we” “we”. (Sometimes too people say “we” to deflect responsibility… that is comic if you know they’re just speaking for themselves.)

      2. Kinda, yeah. You weren’t there, but we decided to include you all the same. You’re welcome :).

        PS: Cynical griping aside that momentarily placed Bob on par with most other working stiffs, who also don’t get to choose their work’s subject matter on a day-to-day basis while still needing to put food on the table at the end of the month, the answer to the question this video/column poses is kinda obvious: The longer you talk about something you don’t want to talk about… the longer you talk about something you don’t want to talk about. IOW, if it’s not worth talking about, why are you?

    35. According to her canon measurements, Tifa is a DDD. Considering she’s wearing a constricting sports bra, her chest in this game certainly does look consistent with that. Maybe slightly smaller?

      She simply looks less cartoonish and exaggerated all around. Her eyes are smaller, her legs are shorter, her fucking hands are smaller. Look at Barret for comparison. He looks like an actual body builder now. Certainly a very idealized masculine frame but not the gorilla shaped, so goddamn big he didn’t even fit in the truck and had to sit in the flatbed, colossus that he was last time.

      And if you take issue with the he’s less cartoony and exaggerated style, that’s a fair argument. I also prefer the more over the top designs from the original. But we all know that’s not the problem cause when we all saw Barrett’s new look years ago, nobody said a damn thing.

      1. >According to her canon measurements, Tifa is a DDD
        This is almost certainly the encyclopedia being based on her in-game model rather than the other way around. I mean in the PS1 game her entire body is made of like 40 polygons total, so they had to take some liberties with the human form. And what they came up with can only be described as “chibi Laura Croft”.
        I mean you take a look at Tetsuya’s finalized concept art from 1996, and she’s not a Triple-D. Single-D definitely, maybe Double-D, but not Triple

      2. If that theory holds, if she ever changes out of that bra it should be an event to behold! I don’t know, the crazed fans sort of have a point. That’s definitely part of her qualities as a character. You know a character by their silhouette. If they gave Cloud more sensible hair, or a sword that didn’t make you blow your drink out of your nose (stupid) I’m guessing the same brats would lodge a complaint too.

        I think it’s possible to make something better by severing ties with past, but directors can’t have it both ways. They need to be clear if they are mining the past or boldly going their own direction. Arguably taking an unpopular stand is more admirable. But if you try to do it both ways maybe that’s less admirable than either.

        EDITED: Anyway, I’m sure the reason Tifa didn’t appear in any early footage for so long is they couldn’t decide what to do with her. If so it was something the company gave a lot of thought to; So we should let them spend their money how they like. So-called fans have a really unhealthy relationship with commercial companies. Almost like they look to them like father figures or like god. When they act out it’s just seems sad. Like they’re babies or disempowered or something…

        1. There is no doubt they know what to do with her. They had her perfect in Advent Children, and she looks almost exactly the same.

        2. The silhouette point is interesting but I’d argue that big honking hondonkeroos don’t give Tifa a distinct outline. A slim waisted woman with tig ol’ butties isn’t really recognizable as anyone specific. Go look at a silhouette of Tifa and it IS distinct, but that’s due to her hair, not her chest. In fact, her chest isn’t even noticeable in silhouette due to her choice of pose. But that dolphin tail split she has at the top of her ponytail is what makes her outline recognizable.

          And as for Cloud, his hair is more reasonable in the remake. It still has the same general shape but it’s actually far less exaggerated. The spikes don’t rise nearly as high.

          ((Yes, Fifa. Autocorrect is a cruel mistress.))

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