New policy takes some of the weight out of being banned.

In an surprising move, Electronic Arts has revised its account suspension policy to allow banned Origin users access to their games, albeit in a limited form. The new policy allows users with a disabled Origin account to access the single player or offline modes of any of their previously purchased titles.

EA enacted the policy just over a month ago, although it didn’t really bring the new changes to anyone’s attention until recently. The new changes mark a strong shift away from the rather harsh penalties EA used to favor when Origin first launched. Previously, when EA banned a user, they lost complete access to their accounts for a 72-hour period, and repeat offenders were likely to have their accounts permanently deleted, including any and all paid content.

While this may be a good, reasonable step towards better customer service, EA probably has a long way to go to work off the stigma of being crowned “Worst Company in America”. Furthermore, its Origin service has several issues of its own, like a terms of service that forbids class action lawsuits and software that collects user data without asking first.

Source: CinemaBlend

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