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Bob Chipman is a critic and author.

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    1. Even if we wildly disagree on many things (I still say Bernie for 2020 Primaries If Only To Make The Other Dems Try Harder), I do think at least you’re learning to shake off at least some of the neoliberal brick-a-brack that I think has intellectually held you back. So, I’ll drink to that…

    2. In my family, we watch Nightmare Before Christmas and DIE HARD, but I’m trying to steer us to The Lord of the Rings.
      Well said, Bob. Good to hear you’re still optimistic about the future, and you can’t give up on that.
      Oh, and sorry about your dad. I know how hard it is to go through this time of year after losing a family member. My mom died two years ago, and her birthday is tomorrow, so that makes it hard on us. My great uncle passed last February so this’ll be the first Christmas without him.

    3. Seriously though, I am glad Bob does this stuff. I get to see a new take on movies and pop culture ephemera from my childhood and get to experience new and interesting movies, gmaes, etc that I would have otherwise passed on by or never seen.

    4. You’re good people, Bob, and if we’re ravenous for your content, it’s because you keep serving up the good stuff. Keep on keepin’ on.

    5. Thanks, Bob. You’ve made my life better.

    6. Is it not playing for anyone else?

    7. Glad you’re back Bob!

    8. For me, 2018 will always be summed up by a single quote.


      Fitting that the JoJo that most represents hope is the one to appear at the end of this god awful year.

    9. Snaliens?

      I’ll sit through an episode of Snaliens.

    10. I cannot (and so will not) attempt to explain how happy your videos make me. How your content, made with such skill, written with such aplomb, shows me that there are intelligent people out there who can rub 2 braincells together and really think and talk about things. I look forward to your content, on all your various outlets, with a giddyness and excitement that can boarder on christmas morning. Keep doing it. In your way you are a light in the dark for some people.

    11. You’re the second nerdy thing this year that’s references Snaliens. XD

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