Vader Fights His Replacements in Darth Vader 6 Preview


A set of preview pages from the upcoming issue of Darth Vader feature everyone’s favorite dark lord duking it out with a band of lightsaber wielding cyborgs.

While Marvel’s Star Wars and Princess Leia series have been strong additions to the franchise’s new official canon, arguably the most interesting comic book to come out of Marvel’s re-acquisition of the brand is Darth Vader. Setting aside the fact that it’s provided a close in and markedly subtle examination of the Sith Lord’s methods and motives, it’s also delivered easily the coolest crop of new characters and concepts from all of the currently ongoing Star Wars comics.

Case in point, issue five of Darth Vader introduced a new team of lightsaber wielding, Force-less cyborgs designed to potentially replace Darth Vader as the Emperor’s de factor enforcers. With issue six hitting comic book stores next week, Marvel has released a set of preview pages to get fans excited for Vader’s impending battle to maintain his position in the Empire’s structure of power.

The pages themselves come from the comic’s opening portion and focus on the battle between Vader and the cyborgs. The action, all of which looks great per the usual standards of the comic, is accompanied by some narration from a new character named Cylo. The creator of the cyborgs, his dialogue is used primarily to shed light on the work that went into creating these anti-Vaders and why they’re supposedly superior to the Sith and his silly antiquated Force powers. Suffice it to say we’ll be interested to learn how the fight pans out when the book releases next week. Granted, the fact that this is an in-canon interquel means that Vader is pretty much guaranteed to survive, but we still look forward to finding out exactly how he bashes his way out of this particular predicament.

Source: Star Wars

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