Valiant’s Archer & Armstrong Heading to Big Screen

Archer and Armstrong

Valiant partners with Sean Daniel Company to bring hit buddy comic to movie theaters.

With all the talk these days about the Marvel and DC’s respective cinematic universes, it’s easy to forget about other comic books ripe for the Hollywood treatment. Take Valiant Entertainment’s popular odd couple, Archer & Armstrong, featuring a sheltered religious zealot with a knack for martial arts and the centuries-old drunken immortal he was raised to defeat. The duo’s globe-trotting antics and adventures proved to be one of Valiant’s most popular comic series. Now, Archer & Armstrong are heading to Hollywood.

Last week, rumors first started to circulate that Valiant was looking to fast track Archer & Armstrong into film development. Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the publisher had officially signed a deal with the Sean Daniel Company to produce the project, based on a script by BenDavid Grabinski (Cost of Living, Machinima’s Enormous web series) . Valiant CEO, Dinesh Shamdasani, will act as a producer on the feature, alongside Sean Daniel and Jason Brown.

“There’s a reason comic fans have loved Archer & Armstrong and have treasured these characters and their legacy,” Daniel told THR, calling the current series “some of the funniest material you’ll read in any format.”

Archer & Armstrong isn’t the only title Valiant is currently planning to bring to the big screen. Valiant also has films in development based on its Shadowman and Bloodshot comics. Shadowman is in development with the Sean Daniel Company, based off a script by J. Michael Straczynski, and Bloodshot is currently set up at Sony with Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) attached and a script by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2, X-Force).

Source: THR (H/t to Badass Digest)

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