Valve And IGA Sign Ad Deal


Valve has signed a deal with IGA, an in-game ad firm, to stream ads into Counter-Strike. According to Valve, Counter-Strike accounts for over 5 billion player minutes per month.

“As the world’s premier online action game, Counter-Strike’s player minutes exceed its closest competitor by more than 100 per cent,” said Doug Lombardi, marketing director for Valve.

“Additionally, Counter-Strike rivals many of the current top ten watched shows on American televisions. For instance, a top ranked, one hour, weekly program garners 20 million viewers and results in approximately 4.8 billion viewer minutes per month,” he added. “Nobody fast-forwards through any part of Counter-Strike.”

Details on the deal are sparse at the moment. Exactly where the ads will be placed, when they will start or how contextual they will be remains to be seen.

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