Team Fortress 2 developer Valve is reportedly aware of the lag problems being experienced by some Xbox 360 owners and has already produced a patch to address the problem.

Many Xbox 360 owners have reported problems with lag during Team Fortress 2 sessions on Xbox Live, particularly in 6-on-6 or 8-on-8 matches. Matches for players suffering from the problem are rendered virtually unplayable, and many gamers end up disconnected from the host entirely as a result.

Speaking to 1UP, a Valve representative said the company has already recognized and addressed the problem, and that a patch has been created and given to Microsoft; unfortunately for Xbox owners, however, the patch must be certified by Microsoft before it can be distributed publicly. Valve said it expects the update will land either on the weekend, or early next week. The PC version of Team Fortress 2 is not affected by the bug.

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