Valve Preparing for the Future With Virtual Reality


According to Valve’s Chet Faliszek, companies not experimenting with virtual reality will “be really behind in the game.”

Technology is always evolving, and some companies struggle to keep up. Valve has been trying to stay ahead of the game by experimenting with wearable computing hardware, even making a pair of augmented reality goggles. According to Valve’s Chet Faliszek, virtual reality could soon become a focus for the gaming industry, and the company is “looking at the future and making sure that we’re prepared.”

Calling Valve’s AR goggles “super-cool,” Faliszek said that the company is constantly experimenting with new technology, and “there’s a whole bunch of stuff the hardware guys are just goofing around with and having some fun with.” While Valve’s developers are still trying to understand the technology and its limitations, Faliszek noted that “if you’re not playing around with ideas in that space already you’re going to be really behind the game.”

Faliszek said that in addition to Valve, “VR stuff is definitely something people are looking at,” so it’s possible that virtual reality hardware will be the next big thing in gaming. We’re still years away from this happening, if it happens at all, but before too long we could all be living in a virtual reality future.

Source: VG247

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