Valve Squeeze More Juice From The Orange Box


Still haven’t got the Orange Box? Well, no more excuses: Over the weekend it’s down to a measly $9.99.

What is there to say about the Orange Box that hasn’t already been said? Not a great deal actually, but just in case you have been under house arrest in City 17 for the last 18 months, here’s a brief run down.

Half Life 2: The further adventures of everyone’s favorite mute nerd taking on the might of the Combine army with his trusty crowbar.
Half Life 2 Episode 1: The escape from the Combine army with the delectable Alyx.
Half Life 2 Episode 2: The Combine army catch up again and leave you with one of the more shocking endings you’ll ever get to see.
Team Fortress 2: One of the most well balanced, team based, frag-’em-ups ever released.
Portal: A first person puzzler that is simply sublime, with one of the most monstrous opponents you will ever face.

Each of these games are worth double the asking price, and you get all five for ten dollars.

Go on, treat yourself. Celebrate the 48th anniversary of the patent of the integrated circuit. More information at, PC owners.

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