Veronica Mars Trailer Shows Where All That Kickstarter Money Went


Eight months and $5.7 million dollars later, is it a dream come true for every Veronica Mars fan?

Well that was fast: Less than a year after its epic Kickstarter campaign, there’s now a theatrical trailer for the Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie. The project, created by series creator Rob Thomas, walked away from their Kickstarter project with $5.7 million back in April. Much of the series’ original cast has returned for the film, including Ms. Mars herself, Kristen Bell.

In the movie, Veronica Mars has given up her career as a private eye to become a lawyer in New York. She returns to sleuthing when former boyfriend Logan is accused of murder. Also, there’s a high school reunion, so there’s two reasons for her to go back. How could she say no?

Though it’s not the first footage of the film released to the public – backers have been getting bits and pieces throughout production – this is the film’s first “theatrical trailer.” Why does a Kickstarter movie need a “theatrical trailer?” Due to the zeal of the film’s backers, Veronica Mars will be shown in “select theaters.”

Veronica Mars will be available, both digitally and in theaters, March 14.

Source: Veronica Mars via The Hollywood Reporter

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