The Video Game Voters Network has launched its latest effort to raise awareness of government intrusion in the gaming industry with the VGVN Wall of Protest.

Intended to “represent the widespread opposition against the government’s regulation of videogames,” the Wall of Protest is a collection of photographs of gamers holding signs insisting the U.S. government abandon any plans to regulate the videogame industry. Although it looks like a combination of MySpace for unattractive people and the worst Photoshop contest ever, the collection of photographs illustrates the breadth of the “gamer demographic” in an attempt to emphasize its importance and influence in the political arena.

To take part, gamers can either create their own profanity-free sign or download and print one of the convenient, exclamation-point-intensive signs provided by the VGVN, and then take a photo of themselves holding the sign. Digitally-altered photos are apparently acceptable, as are shots of pets, toys and Master Chief. Entries to the Wall of Protest can be submitted here.

Founded in March 2006 as an offshoot of the Entertainment Software Association, the Video Game Voters Network was established to provide “a means for American adults to play computer and videogames to organize and take action on important policy issues affecting the computer and videogame industry.”

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