After all the super-powered criminals in Arkham City, a guy with a gun almost sounds like vacation.

Just when you thought Batman’s time in Arkham City couldn’t get any tougher, Rocksteady throws another villain into the mix. This time it’s the assassin-for-hire Deadshot, who menaces the urban prison through the scope of a sniper rifle.

There have been a few mentions in previous trailers and interviews about Batman tracking down a gunman running wild in Arkham City, and it looks like they were talking about Deadshot the whole time. Defeating Deadshot will require the player to make use of Batman’s forensic equipment and skills, to a greater degree than he or she might be required to do in the main game . Speaking to GTTV, narrative designer Paul Crocker said that Rocksteady had tried to get as much of Batman’s rogues gallery into Arkham City as it could, which explains Deadshot’s presence, instead of just a generic gunman, as well as the countless other character reveals in the last few months.

Deadshot first appeared in 1950 and has been a recurring Batman villain ever since. He has also done various stints on the clandestine Suicide Squad, a secret US Black Ops team made up of supervillains who undertake incredibly dangerous missions in exchange for full pardons. As is the case with all of Arkham City’s villains, Deadshot in the game isn’t quite as he appears in the comics and his costume appears to be based on the version seen in the Batman anime anthology Gotham Knights.

It’s actually quite amazing to see just how many villains Rocksteady has crammed into Arkham City. There surely can’t be too many more to unveil, although with such stalwarts as Clock King, Egghead, and the Royal Flush Gang still unaccounted for, there may be more surprises in store.

Batman: Arkham City comes out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 18th.

Source: via IGN

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