Video: Square Enix’s Nerkas Is a Leaked E3 Mystery


A Square Enix video screen playing outside of E3 2010’s convention center has revealed a psychic action game called Nerkas.

AllGamesBeta was able to get camera footage from the pre-E3 setup of what is apparently an unannounced Square Enix game called Nerkas. Square Enix Europe has the Nerkas domain name trademarked.

Nerkas takes place during some sort of conflict in 2031. The video shows a group of what look to be civilians with a woman standing behind them wearing a device that resembles a Bluetooth headset. It is through this device that the woman is presumably able to control other people psychically.

The controlled are shown engaging in gun play with different kinds of soldiers and robots, making Nerkas at least partially an action game. Because unknowing citizens appear to be forced into battle, the story could involve some kind of underground psychic revolt against an oppressor, or something similar.

Square Enix has been touting a super secret project that will blow people’s “socks off” and this could potentially be it, though my socks are still firmly on last I checked. Nerkas is definitely an unexpected project from Square Enix, though perhaps it shouldn’t be now that the developer has made its intentions to expand outside of the RPG genre well-known. Come E3, we’ll likely be able to find out more, and may end up sock-less.

Source: AllGamesBeta via VG247

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