Star Wars gets a few shades darker, as steam replaces the science.

There’s no shortage of people putting their own spin on Star Wars, and steampunk versions seem to be a particular favorite. Artist Björn Hurri’s gone a step beyond just recreating the iconic characters with cogs, springs and retro-futuristic fashions however, and re-imagined the Star Wars universe into a much different place than it was before.

Much like the Jetsons-style Harry Potter re-imagining from last year, everything is familiar, but subtly difference at the same time. Yoda is still a little green dude with big ears, but in Hurri’s world, he smokes a hookah, and needs the help of an oxygen tank to breathe. Other characters get overhauls too. Hurri’s Jabba isn’t an enormous slug-like creature, but a morbidly obese man who sips tea in the shade of a parasol mounted on his reinforced litter. Not every character gets such a radical makeover though. The changes to Princess Leia and C3PO, for example, are really just cosmetic, although 3PO’s new tie and moveable, mechanical eyebrows are utterly charming.

Hurri has been working on the images since 2008, seemingly in between other projects. During the day, Hurri works for Creative Assembly, and has produced a number of magazine covers for the Total War games. He’s also done work for the Shadowrun pen and paper RPG, and has recently completed a collection of illustrations to promote Dead Space 2. You can see a more of Hurri’s work on CGHub and on his official website.

One of the best things about these images – and good concept art in general – is that they suggest a narrative. Hurri’s Star Wars seems a much more decadent place, with the lines between who are the heroes and who are the villains much less distinct. It’s a long way from the space opera original, but it seems like it would be a fascinating place to explore.

Source: via Geeks are Sexy

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