Videogame Characters Do Movember


Mirror mirror on the wall, which videogame character has the most rockin’ ‘stache of all?

In some circles, November is better known and loved as “Movember,” that magical month in which men around the world pollute their upper lips with sparse patches of fur to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Moustaches aren’t nearly as nifty as boobs, which is why we only do this for one month out of the year, but we like to make the most of it when the opportunity rolls around.

No discussion of moustaches is complete without an argument about whose is best and so it is that the good folks at Amazon have sparked one that’s of particular interest to us: moustachioed videogame characters! Mario and Luigi are on the list, as you’d expect, along with Dr. Robotnik from Sonic Generations and Katamari’s King of All Cosmos. Revolver Ocelot (who thinks up these names, anyway?) from Metal Gear Solid 4 is also in the mix, as are Andrew Ryan and Sander Cohen of BioShock fame, Kenny from The Walking Dead, Heihachi Mishima from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and even Hulk Hogan, who qualifies for Hulk Hogan’s Main Event.

The list is far from complete, obviously. Dak’kon isn’t there, for one, and neither is Captain Price, the manliest modern warfighter of them all. Solid Snake’s absence is impossible to overlook and while he’s a relative newcomer to the scene, Slackjaw’s facial hair is worthy of recognition too. Who else is missing?

Speaking of Movember, a number of videogame studios are once again raising money for the month through the official Movember website and of course competing with each other in the process. Ubisoft Toronto is in the lead with $10,725 raised, followed by EA Sydney with $8168, an indie team of EA employees calling itself EAGL MOcom that’s raised $6249 and then Ubisoft Montreal at $4287. The U.S. finally gets into the action by way of EA Austin in fifth place, with $4099, and Zynga, which has put $3991 on the board. Rounding out the top ten are EA Ireland, Team Nintendo, Team EA and EA Sports FIFA 13 Movember, which will hopefully come up with a better handle next year.

If you dig that manly look and want to do a solid for a good cause, you can still kick in a few bucks at

Source: Amazon

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