Vin Diesel’s Dream Game Is an MMO


Don’t expect fast cars or furious gunfights in the Vin Diesel-funded Barca B.C.; the movie star is taking gamers to the violent world of ancient Europe.

In development at Diesel’s personally funded development studio, Tigon, Barca B.C. will be set in 200 B.C., following the Punic Wars and life of Carthage military commander Hannibal.

“The reason why it’s my dream game is because it is an MMO and — remember you said funds were not an issue in this scenario, this is obviously a hugely expensive game — but, it’s a massively multiplayer online game where you create an avatar that lives in the reality of Hannibal Barca, the Punic Wars and life 200 B.C,” explained Diesel.

“Where you would have avatars that you would invest — it would be an RPG game — and creating that ancient world as your backdrop. Creating an ancient world that is your ‘Azeroth,'” hoped Diesel, who is clearly setting a high bar by establishing the comparison to Blizzard’s unmatched MMO World of Warcraft. “That is probably my dream scenario.”

Despite the cost of funding a project with a long development cycle (Diesel predicts the game will take another four years of work), he assured, “that is something very high on my priority list of games we’re working on.”

By opening his own studio and taking personal involvement in the development of the Chronicles of Riddick and Wheelman games featuring his voice-work and likeness, Diesel has established himself as an avid gamer and investor in the industry. If he’s able to continue paying a staff to build a dream project with a long turnaround time, Tigon could be known as a studio where dreams truly come true.

“When we talk about dream case scenarios, man, I would love to play as a Carthaginian soldier 200 years before Christ. Sailing around the Mediterranean, that’d be pretty damn cool,” said the actor. “If you could add some historical elements to it, the better.”

Source: Destructoid

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