An elegant violinist is using his skills to replicate the sounds and music of classic Nintendo games such as Super Mario Bros. in real time.

We’ve all heard of musicians playing the music from videogames before, but how about one that plays all of the music and sound effects as a game is played? That’s what Teppei Okada has been doing for many classic NES games such as Super Mario Bros., Dragon Quest, and Donkey Kong.

Okada boasts that he can play any piece of videogame music by ear after hearing it once. This is impressive enough on its own, but he also includes the sound effects does them pretty accurately considering he’s using a violin. I think we can forgive him for not playing Mario’s jump sound every time.

Not only does Okada have some violinist chops, he’s quite the fancy gentleman. Just look at that suit! I think that Eight Bits of Jam do the same thing with more style, but Okada-san does well for himself as a solo violinist. More examples of what he can do are below.

Donkey Kong:

Super Mario Bros. 3:

Visit Okada’s Youtube profile to see the rest of his videos. UPDATE: Or not, as he’s made them private.

Via: MagWeasel via GameSetWatch

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