Virtual Reality Oculus Rift Viable in Kung Fu Kickstarter


Kung Fu Superstar outlines its controller potential in a new demonstration video.

Kinesthetic Games has taken its Kung Fu Superstar to Kickstarter and, in its latest gameplay video, announces support for the Oculus Rift headset, as well as pretty much every other possible means of interface, from standard controllers to motion devices.

You play as Danny Cheng, a martial artist trying to make his mark as a film stuntman. This allows Kinesthetic to seamlessly take Danny from a medieval setting to modern Hong Kong cop action, but in previous iterations the game seemed to rely heavily on motion control. This prompted concern that the game just wouldn’t be as much fun, or even playable, if the player wasn’t into motion controls.

Kinesthetic’s Kostas Zarifis, with one eye on his company’s Kickstarter, has been quick to reassure potential customers that they can play the game as they like, whether using a standard scheme or something as exotic as the Oculus Rift. “You’re the one who makes the final decision on how you want to experience the game,” Zarifis says.

The allure of Kung Fu Superstar is its adherence to actual martial arts moves. “Key members of the team have many years of martial arts experience,” according to the Kickstarter page, “have studied various different styles and have even won a few tournaments!” Progression involves learning the game’s moves, which means that – in time – the player will pick up some martial arts techniques.

Zarifis and his team quit their game development jobs to make Kung Fu Superstar; it remains to be seen whether they’ll be able to make it happen.

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