Viscera Cleanup Detail Is a Space Station Janitor Sim


Because someone has to clean up all of the blood and giblets following an alien onslaught.

When the dust settles on your average Space Marine vs Aliens onslaught, you are left with a lot of blood, giblets, and shell casings. Viscera Cleanup Detail asks the question that the likes of Dead Space and Halo never do: who cleans up the mess after Isaac or Master Chief has splattered the nice clean space station walls with exotic alien intestines?

“All hope was lost until one survivor found the courage to fight back and put the aliens in their place! It was a long and horrific battle as the survivor dueled with all manner of horrific life-forms and alien mutations, but our hero won out in the end and destroyed the alien menace! Humanity was saved! Unfortunately, the alien infestation and the heroic efforts of the courageous survivors have left rather a mess throughout the facility. As the janitor, it is your duty to get this place cleaned up”

Viscera Cleanup Detail is an open world sandbox game that puts you in the shoes of a janitor stationed on a science-fiction space station. You’ll have to mop up blood, pick up giblets, and sweep away shells in order to get your station looking spic and span again.

The game was initially the result of a 10 day RuneStorm game-jam, but its free alpha is now available for download for all, and it’s hoping to get Greenlit on Steam’s Greenlight program.

The game is built with the Unreal development kit, and will hopefully grow into a full-blown title to satisfy your itch for cleaning.

Source: Greenlight (thanks Reddit!)

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