Vivendi Partners With Double Fine for New Title


Vivendi has announced that its Sierra Entertainment label will publish the next game from Double Fine studios.

Yesterday, publisher Vivendi Universal announced a partnership with Double Fine, the studio founded and managed by former LucasArts adventure game developer Tim Schafer. Double Fine’s next game, the details and title of which have not yet been announced, will be published by Vivendi’s Seirra Entertainment label.

“The Sierra team has been awesome to work with,” said Schafer. “Everyone we’ve met brings experience from a small developer background, so they know where we’re coming from and what we have to do to make a great game. Combine a developer-friendly attitude, support for innovation, major-publisher status with a worldwide scope and you have a perfect match for Double Fine.”

Double Fine’s debut effort, Psychonauts, was released in 2005 and published by Majesco Entertainment. Majesco has since shifted its publishing efforts toward value and handheld games, due to high losses sustained in the 2005 fiscal year from poor sales of higher-profile titles.

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