Vote For Playboy’s Sexiest Bayonetta

image is holding a poll to determine which of its five “wickedly hot witches” is “Playboy’s Sexiest Bayonetta.”

I don’t know why I’m bothering to write any more about this, since by now you’re all clicking like mad fools on anyway. It does give me a certain freedom, knowing that I’m essentially delivering a speech to an empty room. I could tell a joke, or maybe talk about the weather. Finally got some snow up here, you know.

But I suppose that in the interest of not getting yelled at by my boss or the three people who are sticking with the “I read it for the articles” story, I should stay on point. Playboy has posted photos and videos of five lovely ladies dressed up as the inexplicably popular gun-toting witch named Bayonetta and it wants you, the internet, to pick the hottest of them all. As you’d expect, there’s a lot of skin hanging out, although nothing more than you’d see in the game itself – sorry boys, no nip-slips here.

After putting far more thought into this than it deserves, I’ve decided that I have to go with Jillian on this one. None of these women are what I’d call super-hot or even remotely Bayonetta-like, but Jillian brings certain “assets” to the party that I just can’t ignore. Ryan is kind of cute too, but with those glasses on she looks a lot like my aunt and that’s just creepy as hell.

Anyway, that pretty much does it for me, so if you’re still here you can run along without worrying that I’ll think any less of you for it. Cast your vote for Playboy’s Sexiest Bayonetta (or just eyeball the jigglies for awhile) at

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