March Mayhem 2015 Round 1 3x3

Voting is now open in the 2015 Developers’ Showdown, pitting developers against one another in a fight to the death.

The battle has begun. March Mayhem is our annual event in which The Escapist pits game developers head to head in bracket style matchups. You get to vote on which developer you think performed better in 2014, and the winner goes on to face another opponent in the next round. Will Silicon Studio of Bravely Default fame be able to win out against the likes of Riot Games or Blizzard? Only you can decide!

Voting is open in the first round right now! Head over to the official bracket page to cast your votes. You must be a member of The Escapist, so if you haven’t signed up for your free account yet, register here or Login with Facebook, then click the link above.

If you’re unsure about a developer or their games, feel free to do some research. And as always, you can hash it out in the forums dedicated to March Mayhem 2015.

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