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Voyage Is a Concise & Delightful Adventure – Review in 3 Minutes


Voyage by Venturous is a hand-drawn cinematic adventure game about two survivors on a journey to find their way home. Along the way, you will solve light puzzles and glean more about the lore of the world through its stunning environments.

In short, I adored this game. The three-hour journey left me hungry for more, yet deeply satisfied in the delightful, enchanting experience that is the game. Its sense of childlike wonder brought me, and I hope many others, a great deal of joy. Considering this is the first game by the two brothers that make up the Venturous team, I will be waiting in eager anticipation for whatever wonderful experience they dream up next.

Voyage can be enjoyed as a solo or co-op adventure and is available now for $14.99 (plus current 10% launch discount) on PC via Steam.

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Amy Campbell
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