Walk All Over Cthulhu With These Amazing Carpets


You, too, can gaze upon Those Who Rest Below whenever you want. Provided you’re cool with putting some crazy carpets in your house.

When it comes to home and office décor, H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu (and associated minions) is a theme that probably doesn’t come to most people’s minds. That’s a shame, because it turns out that the Chtulhu Mythos can provide some truly excellent design options, as demonstrated by these truly excellent carpets.

The designs were created by Russian artist Kirill Rozhkov, who used only a pen and ink to draw them out. That’s right: He kept this old school while he used nothing but his imagination to and Lovecraft’s stories for inspiration. They were crafted as a line called “Dark Water” for Danish carpet company EGE.

A couple of the illustrations are in the gallery below, but you can see more samples over at behance. If you’re feeling spendy, you can also head over to EGE’s website to peruse its catalog of Dark Water designs and color/size options.

You really should check out the way these carpets are presented in the catalog, simply because it’s amazing how well the designs work in a variety of environments. Besides, who wouldn’t want to into a board meeting, look down, and see a very angry Great Old One staring back up at them?

Source: io9

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