Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Focuses On Survival Not Headshots


Collecting resources – including fellow survivors – could be key to your success in Terminal Reality’s Walking Dead adaptation.

What with fan-made trailers and a general lack of information, you’d be forgiven for writing off Terminal Reality’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct adaptation as a shooter with few aspirations beyond headshots. That’s not so, claims Terminal Reality’s Glenn Gamble; scavenging and making friends is more important to long-term survival than gunplay alone.

Your objective is to get Merle and Daryl Dixon from their Georgia home, to a military safe zone in Atlanta; but your main problem, the one that will torment you for most of the game, is gas. No fuel means your truck won’t run, but getting fuel means looking around for supplies, and that will get you caught up in other survivors’ drama. Those survivors have things that you need, and maybe they could also be useful in a fight; given some equipment, like a shotgun, they might even be able to scavenge for you. Or die in the attempt, of course, but that’s the risk you take.

“[We] made all the resources you collect – be it the weapons you carry, the food – everything you get is shared across all of the survivors,” says Gamble. The more survivors in your group, the more you can carry, and the more likely it is you’ll survive the random zombie road encounters and other game events. But the truck only has so much space, so you’ll have to decide who gets to come along, and who doesn’t.

Or you may have to put some legwork in before they’ll agree to join your group. “It’s this cross-cut of the different types of people you would encounter,” Gamble says. “Some have it better, some have it worse,” he adds, and you may have to do some convincing to make the ones who have it better want to come with you.

Whether or not The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will actually work as Terminal Reality intends is something we’ll be finding out for ourselves soon. This title is scheduled for a March 22, 2013 release on Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Source: VG24/7

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