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WandaVision Has Received Its Official Release Date… for 2021

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The final bit of Marvel content that was possibly landing this year has left. Despite being a streaming series and thus not impacted by the closure of theaters, Disney has announced the show will not be landing in 2020 but instead will hit Disney+ Jan. 15, 2021. This comes after the streamer said the series would be landing sometime this year thanks to its being the only Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show to have completed most of its shooting before the COVID-19 shutdown. There’s no word on why the show was pushed to next year.

The delay actually puts WandaVision back into the year it was originally intended to land, though probably a lot earlier. The series was supposed to come out after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier landed and in the midst of a whole host of MCU films hitting theaters. Instead, it is now some of the sole MCU content we will be getting for a long time, with none of the other shows having set release dates yet and the next film, Black Widow, not landing until May (maybe).

The announcement came with a new teaser video that shows off the concept of the series in which the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) are somehow stuck in an idyllic sitcom world. The show has been described as an homage to the classic TV sitcom and will take us through the many eras of the television staple as the characters try to figure out just what is going on and hopefully fill us in on how Vision is still alive after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The studio went to some pretty great lengths to make the six-episode show feel like an authentic series, so hopefully it turns out to be something unique.

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