Wanted and Night Watch director Tibur Bekmambetov is in talks with Universal to create an English language version of his movie The Black Lightning.

There are some superheroes that everyone knows, characters like Batman or Superman, then there are those that are less well-known, like Booster Gold or Moon Knight. Then there are those from Eastern Europe, where your chances of recognizing them are slim at best. But while you might not have heard of The Black Lightning, it looks like he makes for a pretty fun movie.

The original Russian language version of The Black Lightning was a hit, taking nearly $10 million in its first week. Bekmambetov who co-produced the movie along with Universal’s Russian arm, describes it as a “Slavic Transfomers meets Batman,” although having watched the watched the trailer it looks more like “James Bond meets Spiderman.”

From what I can glean, lead character Dima is a college student whose father gives him what he thinks is a beaten-up clunker of a car. Much to his surprise, the car can fly, and when Dima’s father is killed on the streets of Moscow, he decides to continue his father’s work and use his flying car to fight crime. I think. There also seems to be some shadowy organization that wants the secret of the Black Lightning for itself, which apparently is a dangerous thing. I’m guessing it succeeds too, because there is definitely more than one flying car in that trailer.

The Black Lightning looks like it could be a good summer blockbuster, and I’m hoping that we get to see an English language version, if only so that I can find out what’s actually going on.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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